Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Top Trends for Law Firm Accounting in 2017

It’s absolutely no secret that law firms these days need a lot more data, research as well as strategic insight from their finance departments than in the past. As we have moved into the new year, CEOs along with other business chiefs are going to ask less in regards to what has occurred and more regarding where exactly the business is moving towards and, and even more essentially, what’s required to help it achieve its goals. This would put CFOs as well as other law office accounting experts in the hot seat. With a lot of legal firms working with the slimmest of margins of economic error and having to do a lot more with less; technological solutions take on even higher importance.

 I foresee that the following technology trends will facilitate in driving the profits of law firms in 2017 and beyond.

Analytics would provide for the requirement for knowledge:

Several law offices will carry on their drive for increased access to crucial finance and operational observations in order to determine problems, establish opportunities thereby making better decisions. This requirement, together with the emphasis on big data, is going to push more and more law firm accounting and finance professionals to make sure that they have got the appropriate technologies and procedures set up to pull-out intelligence from crucial data. We anticipate seeing them, for instance, maximizing the analytics attributes of cloud-based ERP models to retrieve essential information through these systems, and share customized reports to shareholders depending on their particular needs.

The demand for cloud apps is going to steer better integration:

Although small and medium-sized legal firms have been savoring the attributes of a best-in-class cloud software program to manage all facets of their business, the range of distinct apps is starting to become unwieldy in lots of firms. To deal with this concern, the coming year a lot of firms are going to walk away from a legacy-style, pre-integrated collection from an individual vendor and rather incorporate applications of their preference in their unique best-in-class suites. This strategy will not just consolidate processes across capabilities and streamline data for improved reporting and analysis; however, it will even enable every single law firm to make use of any kind of solution that best fulfills its requirements.

Artificial Intelligence will allow accounting execs to concentrate on more critical tasks:

Artificial intelligence will consistently become much more widespread as a result of lowering costs and better availability by means of software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems. In 2017, expect to have law firms to progressively depend on AI-infused applications to carry out manual financial tasks — like determining conformity to policies —freeing up precious time for law office accounting experts to concentrate on more strategic, beneficial functions.


One of the most important trends in accounting for law firms is accounts outsourcing services. Outsourcing accounting most significantly allows law offices to pay attention to their fundamental business as opposed to establishing an accounting division. Outsourcing law firm bookkeeping can assist firms in minimizing costs and also reducing chances of fraudulence and provide access to the expertise of committed specialists in the field. Know more regarding the benefits of outsourcing law office accounting services:
  •       Accessibility to a team of specialists in accounting and bookkeeping
  •          Collaborative accounting carries a lot of benefits
  •          Scalability of law firm
  •          Accessibility to best systems
  •        Plenty of time to concentrate on development and expansion of business
  •         Taking care of your cash flow
  •          Full control over company accounts

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