Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Retail Accounting: Learn the Impact of Cloud Accounting

The retail industry is revolutionizing with cloud accounting integration. This provides a huge potential to the retailer and other business owners who are actually gaining the advantages of cloud accounting. Many store owners outsource their retail store accounting process to streamline their work and increase customer satisfaction, as now the global market size of outsourced services is 76.9bn USD. Check out this well-briefed presentation on effects of cloud-based accounting in the retail industry.

In 2018, Manage Insurance Policy Management Process with Best Software

The Insurance industry is very vast that goes through a number of policy management challenges and changes with the advent of new technology. Watch out the video below and get to know 6 best policy management software for 2018 that will affect the profitability of insurance firms across the globe.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Challenges Faced in Real Estate Bookkeeping and Accounting

No matter whether you are a property management company, owner of a real estate agency, real estate agent, REIT or an investor group, accounting for real estate industry is challenging. Real estate bookkeeping and accounting process consumes a valuable time and efforts of owners, which they can utilize in planning future strategies for the growth of their business.

real estate accounting

Some of the real estate accounting hitches faced by entrepreneurs:

1. Understanding the industry specific accounting regulations

It's a biggest challenge for real estate owners to keep themselves updated with changing rules and regulations that impacts the valuations, ownership, taxes, and a lot more. As these regulations change yearly, so it’s important for owners to hire real estate accounting firm who are familiar with such changes and can keep you ahead of the competition. 

2. Issues in Payroll Processing

Payroll process should be precise because most of the real estate agents or brokers or property managers are on a commission basis. For an agency, its little bit confusing in processing payroll every month as the staff paychecks fluctuate weekly. Real estate accounting firms have robust system or software for calculating these commissions, but without human intervention how you can ensure accuracy.

By hiring an accounting firm or accountant you can easily get rid of these process and expect accuracy in the reports that too on time.

3. Difficult to track the expenses

In real estate industry, working by sitting in office is not possible. The owners or agents or brokers all are in the field on different sites. In such cases, it is not possible to track the agent’s performance and their expenses. 

Cloud-based property management software can help to keep all of your agents connected, so you'll have real-time information on transactions. The most appropriate solution is to outsource real estate accounting services and you can ensure accuracy.

4. Common bookkeeping and accounting mistakes

The most common accounting mistakes done by the real estate clients are:  in-separation of personal and business accounts, false classification of costs, inaccurate classification of employees, improper record keeping.

By partnering with an accounting company or outsource real estate accounting services, you can focus on core business and generate higher revenue. Call at +1 646-688-2821 or email to for a detailed discussion.