Monday, 2 March 2015

Top 6 Ways to Get More Referrals for Your Legal Business

Getting new clients is regarded as one of the primary priorities for every law practice. Law firms have utilized the entire gambit of strategies, such as cold calling, e-mail marketing, SEO, and social media marketing and what not to obtain new leads. These may be costly and might not invariably provide results. Before you decide to go on with any of these techniques, take some time and contemplate if you have truly leveraged your contacts inclusive of current clients to do the promotion on your behalf. Referrals are lifeblood of several triumphant law firms. Listed below are a few tips to help increase their potential:

1. Build and Maintain Your Contacts List: You can never tell who is going to be an excellent source of referral for you. Make sure to keep a record of names of people you reach out to, both on your individual and professional front. Be well-prepared and keep up the list of contacts in a client relation management database or an excel sheet. As soon as your contacts list is prepared, devote more time to examine it for the connections, which could turn into leads. Always remember to update your contacts on a frequent basis.

2. Motivate: Nurture a decent attorney-client association, so that you can comfortably ask for referrals. In case your clients or some other referral sources show appreciation for your legal guidance or legal support, you should ask them to make a referral by interacting to the referral source. You should not believe that your referral sources comprehend that you require referrals. Building the practice of requesting referrals is strongly advised.

3. Pay attention to Lawyer-Client Relationship: Any time you work with a client, be careful not to concentrate solely on legal representation, courtroom hearing, and legal billing. Bear in mind that clients are the most effective referral sources. Referrals in many cases are produced from trust. Fruitful connections will not cultivate instantaneously. Hence, concentrate on developing a real, top quality, and long lasting relationship with your client.

4. Inform Your Referral Sources: It isn't compulsory that your referral sources understand what you actually do. Inform them on what your services are and the kind of people/businesses you are able to give assistance to. You can even guide them, giving illustration, on what a perfect referral is.

5. Follow Up: As soon as you acquire a referral, make sure you make follow up phone calls with the leads. Feel comfortable and keep in mind that at this point you are not making cold calls. You are already recommended by somebody who is interested in connecting with you. Research has revealed that around fifty percent of the leads produced as a consequence of recommendations result in a business/sale. Thus, you should not neglect making follow up calls.

6. Say Thanks to your Referrers: Always bear in mind to say thanks to your referral resources. This is often as easy as picking up the telephone and making a Thank you phone call or emailing with a Thank you message. Make them aware that you actually value such type of referrals. Any time a new client reaches you, you should check with them about the way they came to learn about your law firm. In case the lead generation is through recommendation, convey your gratitude. In cases where referral is through existing clients, you can think about lowering the billable hours as a gesture of appreciation.

As you get more and more clients, it is a wise decision to allocate your time wisely in prioritizing what tasks to handle and what tasks to outsource. It is recommended to get in touch with a legal process outsourcing company to assign tasks related to litigation support, document review, contract management, paralegal support, legal research and much more.

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