Thursday, 8 September 2016

Outsourcing Tax Preparation to India : How Accounting Firms in the US are Making Huge Profits?

The tax service costs in US have gone up rapidly in the last decade. In such a scenario business organizations are opting for outsource tax preparation and processing services based in India to reduce their operational costs and optimize their profits. The Indian outsourcing firms have also earned great acclaim by offering high quality services at competitive costs. They are expert at using the latest taxation software like Intuit's Lacerte, Proseries IntuitCreative Solutions' UltraTax, ATX, TurboTax etc.

The various benefits of outsourcing tax preparation services to Indian firms have been discussed below :

Cost effectiveness - India is a developing nation and there is a huge difference between the currency values of India and US. So by outsourcing its tax preparation services to India,a US preparation firm can save up to sixty percent of the cost which they would have paid to a local firm. This will reduce the operational costs of the organization significantly and enhance the revenue.

Quick turnaround time - There is a 10-12 hour difference between the time zones of India and US. A tax preparation task assigned in the evening by a US firm will be completed by the time the next working hours commence in US. Moreover Indian firms are renowned for adhering to the deadlines offered by the clients. In case of urgent requirement of tax preparation services, Indian firms are the best option.

Opportunity to focus on revenue oriented tasks - By outsourcing all the less significant tasks to Indian firms, the US accounting firms can focus their time and energy on the significant tasks with a free mind and enhance their business potential.

Greater chances of earning customer goodwill - By hiring the services of Indian firms, the US accountancy organizations can easily meet the tight deadlines of their clients and thus earn their goodwill. This will enhance chances of attaining more business opportunities by retaining old clients and getting new clients through referrals.

Access to expert staff and latest software - The Indian outsourcing firms maintain a proficient staff and use the latest taxation software for performing the tasks assigned by clients. So without having to hire, train and retain staff, US firms can have access to a talented team. This also helps them in saving the finances on purchasing software. The costs of hiring infrastructure like seating space will also be eliminated.

All these factors have been offered for the benefit of US firms, but it is up to the higher management of these firms to decide which option is beneficial for them.   

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