Friday, 7 October 2016

What are the Strategic Benefits of Incorporating Data Mining?

Data mining services refer to accumulating and processing business data. This is done with the purpose of acquiring business intelligence. The techniques used for data mining range from simple to complex. The basic purpose of the data mining techniques is to conduct a thorough analysis of the data and derive useful patterns which can help in business planning. Large organizations have to deal with huge amounts of business data. So they are opting for automation as an option for Data Mining Services. Some of the most popular Data mining techniques are cluster detection, anomaly detection, regression etc.   
Incorporating Data Mining

Cluster detection is generally used for handling large volumes of data. The objective of this data mining process is to recognize the patterns in data sets. This form of data mining can prove to be extremely helpful in detecting customer preferences. 

Anomaly detection is meant for detecting abnormal trends in the data. Factors like sudden rise in demand of products or sudden decline in sales are studied by using this data mining technique.   
Regression technique is used for forecasting future outcomes of a business like rise in prices, customer inclination etc. 

It is up to a business enterprise to decide the data mining techniques as per their requirement. 

The various benefits of incorporating data mining services have been listed below:

Helps in developing risk models- In industries like finance and banking, there are always chances of corrupt transactions taking place. Data mining can help in accessing the risks involved in loans and mortgages.

Helpful in the promotion process- Data mining helps in generating customer data which can be used for promotional purposes. For example, an e-commerce company can use data of already existing customers to send emails or SMS to them regarding the availability of similar type of products. The customer data can also be used for planning the marketing campaign. 

Helpful in avoiding taxation errors- Data mining helps in keeping track of wrong transactions. These records can help in preparation of correct tax returns and avoiding any penalty from tax governing bodies. 

Ensures safety- In the manufacturing firms, data can help in ensuring the right safety measures by learning from past mistakes. Proper precautionary measures can be taken, keeping in mind the old records. 

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