Thursday, 8 August 2019

E-commerce Product Reviews: How to Increase Online Store Sales with Product Reviews

No matter what marketing techniques you are using to boost your services or product, but when customers visit your store, they always check for your online reviews. These reviews help to build the trust of customers. So, the biggest challenge faced by businesses is to make people trust in their store or product.

E-commerce product reviews are an essential aspect to boost the sales of your online store. You need to find a way to reach your customers and understand their requirements, what they need. But, how they can agree to write a review for your product? This can easily happen if you provide the best services to your customers.

Deliver the product or services and best deals that meet the customer’s expectancies. This can be accomplished by encouraging them to share their personal experience if customers are satisfied with your product.

More customer reviews mean more business revenue. But, these can be from your potential customer’s side, not through the marketing campaign because genuine customer reviews are more valuable than any potential prospect.

According to the research, online reviews help to build customer trust as well as they decide to buy something from your store. Check some stats given below:

  • If your online store has some product reviews, then 63% of customers can purchase from your store.
  • Positive reviews matter because positive reviews influence 90% of customers.
  • Because of online reviews, 9 out of 10 customers make a buying decision.
  • 79% of customers trust in your product just because of online reviews.
  • There are 86% of customers that are influenced by the negative reviews.

Many e-commerce stores are unable to maintain their website, content, product descriptions, eCommerce data management on their own. So, they feel the need of taking help from an expert that ensures their website data accuracy.

Here is an infographic sharing detailed information:

E-commerce Data Management